Merano and environs

The Meraner Land offers hikers a wealth of different hiking areas. Starting with the well-known irrigation channel paths to the peaks of the Alps, the repertoire of possibilities is almost inexhaustible. The Knottenkino above Postal is a popular place for sunset lovers and one or two sunsets can be a good substitute for going to the cinema.

Those who like it a little more leisurely will get their money's worth on the irrigation channels around Merano. With no steep gradients and with wonderful views, the irrigation channel paths are the perfect way to explore the Meraner Land and of course your physical well-being is also taken care of, because there are many small and beautiful snack bars and restaurants along the way. Should the weather not play along, there are various castles to explore and visit. Of particular note are the castles of Lebenberg, the castles of Scena and Rametz Castle with its own wine museum near Trautmannsdorf Castle and its gardens.

There is a special place on the high plateau near Meltina, which is called the "Stoanerne Mandl'n". Here you have an unforgettable view over the Sarentine Alps to the Dolomites.