Hiking is also popular in Caldaro! The wine village of Caldaro is very close to the famous Lake Caldaro. It is an ideal starting point for leisurely but also more demanding hikes, which are particularly recommended in spring and autumn. One of the most beautiful hikes is certainly the hike into the Fühlingstal (as the name suggests - recommended in spring!). Or the classic way around Lake Caldaro, you simply can't go wrong!

The Rastenbach Gorge offers a great panoramic view paired with a cool breeze, which can be easily reached with a short hike through the forest from the Caldaro sports zone.

If you want to go a little higher, you can take the funicular to the Mendola, which takes you to over 1,000 meters in a few minutes and from where you have a wonderful panoramic view of the South Tyrolean lowlands and the Oltradige and can start directly on the hiking trails.