The vineyard

While all different, the Pitzner vineyards boast healthy vine stocks of medium age, a well-nourished soil, and a special microclimate. The well-ventilated slopes yield strong vines, while the marked temperature drops at the end of a summer’s day favour highly aromatic grapes. The sandy porphyry weathered soils and their moraine deposits create elegant, juicy wines with spicy notes.

The cycle

We are doers and givers: which is why when it comes to nature, we strive to give back more than we take. Once the grapes have been fermented in the cellar, we distribute the pomace across the vineyards. The compost loosens the soil and provides nutrients for a veritable kingdom of organisms which live in it. Understanding nature means embracing nature – circularity is not just a buzzword: it’s our guiding principle.