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Wine from South Tirol

Perfect enjoyment with a unique philosophy

We are a classic South Tyrolean family-run business, but the ongoing handover from one generation to the next means that the traditional is paired with the contemporary. We think of it as a number of channels flowing together to produce one single united river, our Pitznerhof. Our wines from South Tirol are characterised by one idea: youth learns from experience and experience thereby gains new inspiration.

Our passion for wine is forging ahead thanks to the joint efforts of our family and of us brothers Markus and Thomas:

The momentum that comes from working together as a family provides the opportunity to use our vineyard to its greatest potential. The delight we take in the diversity of work as vintners keeps us fresh and energetic. Every year that goes by can be distinguished in quality and strength. The challenges are never the same, but they always teach us something new and every year we find ourselves grateful for the lessons we have learnt.

As a smallholding winery, we aim to integrate our microclimate and local conditions into the production process as best we can. Well co-ordinated and careful workmanship is the cornerstone of the quality of our wines, and we always try to act responsibly in the sense of placing as little burden as possible on nature and working as far as possible in harmony with it!

It is through these techniques that our wines have graduated to a new level and have set themselves apart from the rest in terms of their consistency of character.