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Winery Pitznerhof in Kardaun

Quality and passion come first

Our mountain vineyard is founded upon Dolomite limestone and thrives on the deep and sandy ground found in this region. At our small winery at Bozen in Kardaun, we process and refine grapes that are characterized by ideal minerality and have a unique flavour.

A conscious reduction of quantity promotes the concentration of grape berries’ substances and is crucial for the high quality of the final product. Characterized by structure and minerality our wines develop into a characterful, but especially long-lived taste.

As we are a very small family business, it is not always easy to find us at short notice. This is why we ask you to let us know in advance if you plan to visit the winery or the vineyard. Do this either by telephone or by e-mail, so that we can be at your disposal to do a wine tasting and a guided tour together with you.

All wines are of course available to purchase in our on-site shop.