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South Tyrolean Wines:
Unforgettable Pleasure

At Pitznerhof in Kardaun you can taste and purchase high-quality South Tyrolean wines direct from the vineyard where they were produced. In our small winery in Bozen, tradition and modernity meet in perfect harmony. A traditional vineyard with hundreds of years of history, this is a classic South Tyrolean family-run business. The ongoing handover from one generation to the next has allowed the new generation to take a classic product such as wine, and reinterpret it, thereby producing something that is a genuine work of art.



Modernity & Tradition

It is immediately evident from our coat of arms that Pitznerhof was more than just a farmhouse. The “smithy” was once the armoury of Karneid Castle. This is where the hot iron was beaten to produce weapons for the knights. For hundreds of years painstaking craftsmanship has characterised this building and we are continuing this tradition in our cellar with delightful and elegant manners, this time in the form of our own-production wines!

Order. Enjoy. Experience.

Exclusive Wine-tasting via Skype

Whether you are a wine novice or a connoisseur, you can benefit from the background knowledge of our very own wine-producers: everything there is to know about our wines, our vines, the challenging work of a vintner or what goes on in our wine cellars.

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